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Call of Duty used to be a place where grown gamers could get drunk and yell at each other. Let's get back to that.
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 Behavior Management

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PostSubject: Behavior Management   Thu Nov 02, 2017 3:28 pm

As this is clearly an organization for adults, I don't see the need to hold anybody's hand.

Don't break the law, and don't be a dick.

The administration reserves the right to modify a user's permissions at any time for any reason. You know how this works.

If you're becoming a nuisance, you'll either be told to stop or be removed.

You remember the glory days of clan activity? 15 year-old children would ban you for being better looking than them. This happened to me all the time. There are no legal ramifications for this nonsense. Seeing as though this is a clan for grown people, we shouldn't have that problem. Just remember that it is really that easy.

Pretty clear right? Be grown folks around grown folks. Oh, and don't cry.
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Behavior Management
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